Look after your pet's nutrition by incorporating a wet diet to improve nutritional qualities and make the food more appealing

1 April 2019


 April 1, 2019
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Normally pets are fed on dry food(biscuits) which gives cats and dogs the necessary nutrients for a rich and balanced diet. But ‘wet’ diets also exist, less well-known among owners, and they are an ideal accompaniment for our pet’s diet, especially those who are post-operative,  elderly, chronically ill to name but a few examples. There is a large variety of wet diets on the market. Before choosing one, we should assess its quality as many mainly contain by-products and a large number of additives to artificially enhance smell and flavour.

Vets always advise high quality wet diets.


Among them,there are some which are 100% natural, without artificial additives or animal and vegetable by-products. These are easily digestible and only contain what is nutritionally necessary for your cat or dog without any unnecessary ‘filling’.  They are made in the same way as home-made food and have a smell and texture like  conventional food. This type of diet incorporates 75% fresh  meat, respecting the carnivorous nature of a dog,only adding vegetables to complete nutritional needs. If you are thinking of introducing a wet diet for your pet you should consult your vet, who will  advise you on the most appropriate for your animal.




Wet diets can be very useful in different situations.

a/ It can be used as a reward in educating/training  your pet; as it is more flavoursome the animal will easily recognise it as a prize for good behaviour.

b/ It is useful to introduce dry food –for example a puppy changing from mother’s milk to eating by itself.

c/ Changing your pet’s usual food to a different  one for a specific medical reason can cause the animal to refuse the new food, added wet food can be a great incentive.

d/ During periods of convalescence, either after surgery or following an illness, it’s normal for a cat or dog to lose its appetite. As wet food is more tasty and has a smoother texture, your pet is more encouraged to eat.

e/ Older pets sometimes don’t feel like eating and wet food,  added to their dry food, can be a great help in maintaining correct  alimentation.


Recently a new wet diet has come on to the market aimed at animals with certain medical needs. It is like a homemade stew in appearance and smell; very useful when our pets don’t want to  eat for whatever reason.

If you want to improve your pet’s diet and incorporate this type of food, ask us and we will advise you which is the best for your pet’s specific case.

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