We offer the following services at our clinic in Coin:

  • CONSULTATIONS: We have two well equipped consulting rooms where we treat your pet with all his/her needs. General consultations, ‘geriatric’ consultations, ‘pediatric’ consultations. vaccinations, microchipping, worming, treatment and healing of wounds/injuries, follow-on check-ups etc.

  • If you have difficulty bringing your pet to the clinic for whatever reason, please remember we offer home visits.


  • Own Laboratory. We have the necessary equipment to carry out blood analysis–hemograms, bio-chemical, electrolytes–and urine analysis. Like this, we have immediate results.

  • If needed to reach a full diagnosis, we have a digital x-ray and ecograph machine.


  • If your pet needs surgery, we have a fully equipped operating theatre with an inhalatory anaesthetic machine and a machine to monitor all vital signs. We also have an autoclave for sterilising all the equipment needed for each operation.


  • Should your pet need constant care, we have two hospitalisation rooms with suitable cages for pets of all sizes. Here they will receive the medication they need, fluid therapy, oxygen therapy etc.

  • When necessary, we have the collaboration of specialists in traumatology, opthamology. ecographs, heart problems and endoscopes. They come to our clinic from all over Malaga, avoiding extra travelling for you and your pet.
  • Emergency service. If you need our help outside our normal hours, you can call us on 654 029 187. Always remember to call before leaving home and calmly explain to us what has happened so we can best advise you of what to do before and during the journey bringing your pet.
  • Our clinic has a large exterior área where you can sit under a lemon tree or walk your dog whilst awaiting your turn.
  • There are no parking problems as we have a large parking área; if needed you can pull up just outside the door to off-load your pet(with our help if necessary) before parking.

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