17 July 2019


 July 17, 2019
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Summer means holiday time, days of rest and relaxation, and a chance to visit other cities or countries. If you have pets, for sure more than once you have had doubts about travelling with them. Many suffer from car sickness or simply get anxious before the novelty of  travelling.

Tips for before the journey.

– If you are going to use a skykennel or travel box, it is a good idea for your pet to get used to it:

– It will be his /her safe zone. Leave it open in a quiet place at home.

– Place your pet’s blanket or cushion inside.

– If they go in alone, stroke them and reward with a treat.

– Always stay relaxed and calm.

– Repeat several times a day until they go in alone and are happy to stay inside.


Hints for the day of the journey.

Have a longer walk than normal, making sure your pet does his business.

Don’t feed in the 2 hours prior to the journey.


Advice for during the journey.

– Ensure the travel box cannot move around.

–  Make stops every couple of hours for  a short walk and water.



Extra tips.

There are various products available to help dogs during the journey.

A spray to use in the car, travel box or on the blanket 15 minutes before setting out.

A nutritional supplement in the form of a tablet to be given 2 hours before the journey which acts quickly and lasts 6 hours.

A collar which emits pheromones when in contact with the dog’s body heat; it should be placed on the animal 24 hours before the journey and is effective for about 30 days.

Animals which aren’t going to travel.

On the other hand if your pet isn’t going with you but to a boarding kennel, it is very important to vaccinate against kennel cough.  It’s very easy to apply, a few drops in each nostril which offers protection for a year.


These are just a few recommendations, always consult your vet about any doubts you have.

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