13 January 2021


 January 13, 2021
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When a puppy comes home it is the most important moment for his education and to prevent him from acquiring incorrect behaviors.

These are some of the most common mistakes:

✅ Leave the puppy uncontrolled inside the house or garden.

This way you will have objects at your fingertips to destroy. Remember that you should not punish him if you do not observe right at the moment. The puppy should be in his ” room” when you are not at home or when you cannot control him.

✅ Punish him out of time

Remember that you should only correct it right at the moment when it is doing something wrong. If not, just serve to fear the person who punish him.

✅ Leave food all day

The dog has to know who supplies his food and who therefore has authority over it.

✅Leave it unleashed when we go out on the street

The puppy has to be by your side. You can do this by giving him small pieces of his favorite food or string toys, to keep him always close. Also, remember that it is forbidden go to walk wiht a dog unleashed in public places.

✅ Let him sleep with you

When he is older he will not want to do it elsewhere and may be nervous to be alone.

✅ Reward you for inappropriate behavior

Even without realizing it, we may be fostering bad habits such as rewarding or caressing him when he warmly welcomes you when you get home.

✅ Not spending enough time

Many of the common behavior problems are derived from a low dedication to our puppy, so spending time with him is essential.

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