4 July 2015


 July 4, 2015
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In canine grooming we cant treat all dogs the same, given that the fur varies between breeds/crossbreeds, which will determine what we do.

Dog at  a barbershop

Dogs with short hair, such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs or Boxer, will, after washing and drying, be combed with a special comb to remove all dead fur.


Medium haired dogs such as German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers, will first be washed and shampooed followed by combing to remove excess fur, then dried.


In long haired dogs, we have smooth long haired, for example Yorkshires, Bichon Maltes, who need specific shampoos which hydrate the fur and make removing knots easier. We also use a conditioner which help keep this type of fur silky to the touch. Here, the owners help is needed with daily brushing to keep the fur free from knots, also washing with a special shampoo to maintain the fur and skin healthy.


Wavy long haired dogs , for example Cocker Spaniels, Setters, need a specific shampoo and conditioner to make the removal of knots easier.


Curly long haired dogs have fur which rolls up on itself like a ring. Maintenance consists of washing and brushing to open the curls, as is done with a Poodle, or just opening the curls without brushing to get rid of knots as in Spanish Water Dogs.


The last type is wire haired(hard hair) as in Schnausers, Scottish Terriers or West Highland White Terriers. This is a rigid hair which, in some parts of the body, can become curled. The technique advised is “stripping” which means pulling out the hair. Wire haired dogs dont shed their fur as other types do, and the method used is to pull out dead hair from the follicle to allow the growth of new, harder fur. This can be done with fingers using a special comb as back-up. This can be done on the whole body or only on certain parts, depending on the cut for the breed.


We cant forget our feline friends, some of whom also come in for grooming.

There are two types of fur in cats-short hair and long hair–and it is the latter which needs most care, especially silky, fine hair as in the case of Persians.

In the grooming parlour we normally carry out a wash with a specific shampoo for the particular type of hair(and harmless to the cat, naturally) and a conditioner/knot remover to make brushing easier.

If the cat comes to us with very matted fur, the knots are often right next to the skin, making them very difficult to remove and painful for the animal. In these cases, we recommend completely shaving the fur off, minus on the head and tail. To avoid this happening, owners should carry out frequent brushing at home.


Come to the clinic, we will ecaluate the type of fur your animal has and advise accordingly. Your pet will be the envy of the neighbourhood!!!

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